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If you've been asking...


If you’ve been asking yourself, how does one strengthen and develop a brand, then this project overview may provide a few takeaways to help you on your journey.


Let's begin...developing a company's brand messaging involves many elements to tell a compelling story. The fact-gathering process is usually lengthy and involved. It requires in-depth conversations with company personnel, and investigative research of the company's standing in the markets they serve.  And let's not forget to include direct online listening of their industry's "Thought Leaders" to garner all the facts.  


Armed with data and the client's input; the next step is to direct the course of how their story will unfold using content and visuals to shape their brand into an engaging story. We hope you find the website redesign project overview of L.P. Consultants LLC an educational experience.


May I suggest…after reviewing the project outline below, I strongly encourage you to visit the company's website to capture all the takeaways both in content and visuals; let the story begin! - Anna Kleeberg -


Developing a Powerful Brand Story

Note, the image to the left displays a before snap shot of the company's website prior to akg services.

The akg experience...


The project began with the goal of creating a website story that would transform

L.P. Consultants LLC's messaging from a brief overview of services to a detailed online portfolio.


The content had to engage, educate and inform visitors of the company's full range of services, engineering expertise, superior service, creativity, and dependability.

Together we captured the necessary details of their project work to convey the company’s superior engineering and leadership, from the planning stage all the way through to onsite construction.

Lastly, but certainly not least, our goal was to educate site visitors of the long-standing relationships L.P. Consultants maintain with their customers, and organizations in the markets they serve. We believe we’ve accomplished this through each industry’s “portfolio mentions” (visit their website for examples.)

Project Overview:


L.P. Consultants LLC, a 30-year-old civil engineering company, earned an impeccable reputation serving general contractors, organizations, architects, developers, and builders.

The company presently serves ten industry sectors involving small, mid-size to Fortune 500 companies. The Industry sectors are: Infrastructure, Facilities Repair & Maintenance, Commercial Facilities, Design Builds, Wastewater Treatment Plants, Hospitality & Retail, Senior Housing, Power Generation, Site Development, and Public Facilities.

Each industry sector presented imparts a high-level project overview which depicts project requirements, challenges, complexities, including storyboards; showcase structures, project requirements, actual worksite visuals, plans, and blueprints.

Brand development included:

  • Project consultations – layout of site structure, industry: visuals, projects, storylines
  • Industry research of ten service sectors
  • SEO keyword research – brand keyword strengthening within each service sector
  • Copy development – development of messaging for the overall company, individual service sectors offered
  • Design and visual development – company wide, industry sectors, personnel
  • Profile development and strengthening of the company personnel both professional and personally.  


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