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Transforming your vision into powerful takeaways that help build your business.

“Often, business leaders are so busy "Making It Happen” that their messaging takes a back seat. The akg experience captures the uniqueness of our customer’s brand and transforms it into powerful takeaways that "Stand Out from the Crowd!” said Anna Kleeberg, owner of the Anna Kleeberg Group, learn more.

Look who's "Standing Out from the Crowd" in motorsports racing!

It's Time to Tell Your Story and


"Stand Out from the Crowd!" Online branding with akg!


Our Social Media Programs deliver weekly bite-size content (text, graphics, and videos) that engages your audience and drives traffic to you through authentic storytelling of your mission, passions, expertise, specialties, inventions, new products & services, newsworthy happenings, etc. - Your Company, Your Stories, Your Way.


Here is an easy way to define your elevator pitch..."What we do is define our client's brand, in their voice,"  SO THAT...every time they communicate their brand stories, they are Clear, Concise and Authentic Engagement, Memorable...details

To Be or Not To Be…30 seconds to define your brand.

Check out this messaging formula…


Do you know the pains of not having a decisive answer? Have you ever felt like a “deer in the headlights?” more


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